With our vast experience in food & beverages sector for many years, we proudly offer best products to our customers. The powder drinks in 2 brands, and our other products like spaghetti are presented to you as follow...

FrioCups powder drinks in 9g sachets

Our FrioCups brand flavored drink powders come in more than 10 flavors including, orange, banana, mango, ginger, pineapple, cola and more. Packed in nicely designed 9g sachets to prepare 1.5L cold drink just in seconds, bu only adding cold water and mixing it. 24 sachets in a display colorful box and 24 boxes put in a printed colorful carton with Frio Cups design.

Valore Drink powder drinks in 10g sachets

valore drink 10g 2L flavored powder drinks from Turkey

Our brand Valore Drink also offers more than 10 delicious flavors in 10g sachets to make a 2L cold drink. Valore Powder Drinks has all popular flavors and 24 pieces of 10g sachets packed in display boxes having Valore Drink colorful design. 25 Boxes put in a carton that has also a colorful design on it.

Valore Pasta / Spaghetti in 250g & 500g packs

Available in 250g & 500g PP packs

Made from 100% hard durum wheat with special care

Learn More about our spaghetti

Our new product offering is Pasta Valore that we produce for now only the most popular spaghetti in 250g and 500g. Carton wieght is 10 KG, that we put 40 packs of 250g and 20 packs of 500g into the cartons.