About Eman Agro: The Turkish Manufacturer of Instant Powder Drinks

The quality in drink powders ensured by our company Eman Agro with 10 years of experience in drinks

We offer specially selected fruit flavors:We are happy to offer you some highly demanded flavors like orange and cola, and many exotic flavors from around the world, like tamar hindi (tamarind), Guava, Coconut, Mango, and pineapple. Also Vimto, Cocktail, Ginger, and strawberry flavors are available. Check all flavor options on our products page.

We are a foods & Beverages manufacturer and exporter company in Gaziantep city of Turkey. Our main strengths are;

  1. Many years of manufacturing experience
  2. Doing only export-oriented business
  3. Strong customer relations
  4. Clear and smooth transactions and business processes

and Quality is the priority.. always…

Eman Agro A.S. is a company from Turkey, having a background of foods & beverages production and marketing from the past. We have come together from different companies a few years ago and founded Eman Agro with the goal of producing and supplying exceptional products to our customers. Our widening line of products will cover more products soon. Now we focused on powder drinks and pasta. Our vision is to become a reliable and reputable supplier of these products, by giving the priority to make all single product of exceptional quality at acceptable prices for many markets across the world.


Made in Turkiye

Powder Drinks & Spaghetti

Quality comes first