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The Manufacturer of Instant Drink Powders in Turkey

Get the Best Quality Fruit Drink Powders produced with the specially selected ingredients. The manufacturer & exporter of fruit flavored instant drink powders.

Our brands represent the quality in powdered drinks, in many countries in the world. Our distributing partners in various countries rely on our quality of products and service so they sell our products with peace of mind. Powdered drinks are, besides being much more affordable than juices and soft drinks, also has much longer shelf life, easy to transport and store.

And now they are healthier than ever before, and accessible to people who cannot afford to buy soft drinks. Powder drinks sold as an alternative to other kind of soft drinks due to the facts mentioned before. They are enriched with vitamins, and produced with the best quality, healthier and reliable ingredients. We take the quality always as our priority.

We offer specially selected fruit flavors

2 brands representing the quality in 9g powder drinks and 10g powder drinks offering more than 10 great flavors

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2.5 Kg Drink Powders in Plastic Containers

Valore Drink, Frio Cups, Dalaba or Roya-C branded highest quality powdered drinks in many flavors are available now...

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Valore Drink - Frio Cups & Valore Pasta are brands belong to Eman Agro A.S. Our focus in our business: Creating reputable & reliable brands and serving our customers with delicious and high quality food & beverages.